Full Moon Mix: Short Stories

Songs don’t have necessarily to be sung. They might also be told. This mix focuses on the spoken word: Short stories, allegories, fairytales and philosophical monologues are recited to a blend of dub, jazz, electronica and psych.

Besides some overlooked artists you’ll find acknowledged masters of the spoken word and even a few undercover celebrities: Albert Einstein debates how language and mentality are linked, Arthur Brown dissects time and Debbie Harry plays the tambura in the final tale. If you listen closely, you can even hear her sing in the choir.

1. Phantom Band – Nervous Breakdown (Spoon Records, 1984)
2. Klaus Krüger – In The Meantime (Innovative Communication, 1981)
3. David Byrne – Social Studies (Zonopohone, 1985)
4. Laurie Anderson – From The Air (Warner Brothers, 1982)
5. Anne Clark – Short Story (Red Flame, 1982)
6. Richard Wahnfried – Time Actor (Innovative Communication, 1979)
7. African Head Charge – Language And Mentality (On U-Sound, 1985)
8. Aphrodite’s Child – Aegian Sea (Vertigo, 1972)
9. The Wind In The Willows – There Is But One Truth, Daddy (Capitol Records, 1968)


Short Stories

2 thoughts on “Full Moon Mix: Short Stories

  1. diesen mix mag ich sehr! velvet undergrounds “the gift” von white light/white heat hätte auch gut reingepasst!


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