Industrial Samba

Things were running smoothly in the Sambódromo. The fanciful parade of samba schools was cheered by thousands of people. The carnival had arrived at its peak. But all of a sudden, the good vibes were gone. The last samba school on the schedule didn’t appear as jolly as the others. The bateria seemed to be possessed by dark forces, beating the drums in sinister ecstasis. The dancers didn’t show the bronce lustre of their peers. Instead, their skin was of a ghoulish white.

Ninos Du Brasil are turning samba into something dark and mysterious. Novos Mistérios, released in 2014, is infusing batucada rhythms with the industrial darkness of a warehouse rave. The Italian duo commisioned a video for each track of the album to Carlos Casas, who re-edited seven classics of Brazilian cinema. The track Sombra Da Lua is accompanied by a hypnotising collage throwing together fragments of Limite, a silent movie by Mário Peixoto from 1930.

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