Full Moon Mix: Woe Ye Demons Possessed

For this Halloweenish Full Moon Mix we are going to the dark side. These songs are possessed by demons. Prepare yourself for a descent into musical abyss and let the black magic fall upon you, as occult organs howl, satanic synthesizers sizzle and drummers go berserk. Even Lucifer himself contributes a song. Of course, just like Ataraxia, this is merely one of the many monikers of moog genius Mort Garson.


1. Goblin – Suspiria
Suspiria, EMI 1978

2. Bobby Beausoleil & The Freedom Orchestra – Lucifer Rising Pt. I
Lucifer Rising, Lethal Records 1980

3. A.T.R.O.X. – The Night’s Remains
The Night Remains, Trinciato Forte Records 1982

4. Ataraxia – Déjà Vu
The Unexplained, RCA 1975

5. Lucifer – Solomon’s Ring
Black Mass, Uni Records 1971

6. John Carpenter – Reel 9
The Fog (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Varèse Sarabande 1984

7. Moolah – The Hard Hit
Woe Ye Demons Possessed, Atman Music & Recordings 1974

8. Cannibal Movie – Mangiati Vivi!
Avorio, Avorio Disci 2012

9. Igor Wakhévitch – Grand Sabbat Luciférien (Régime Des Arches)
Hathor, Atlantic 1973

10. Demdike Stare – Forest Of Evil (Dawn)
Forest Of Evil, Modern Love 2010

Woe Ye Demons

Elusive Gaze

Korla Pandit

Korla Pandit made up his own biography and got away with it. Supposedly he was born in New Delhi to a Brahmin priest and a French opera singer. Only two years after his death it was revealed that the mysterious organist who rose to fame on US television in the late forties wasn’t an immigrant from India, but an afroamerican in disguise called John Roland Redd. No wonder the housewifes watching the TV show Korla Pandit’s Adventures In Music didn’t question the identity of the artist. Who wouldn’t fall for such an elusive gaze?

Korla Pandit played the electronic organ in an unprecedent percussive manner to achieve his eerie trademark sound. Just as his biography his songs are mere fiction. Titles like Turkish Dance or Song Of India allege to be traditional folk songs though the music isn’t authentic at all. Justly, Pandit obtained the title Godfather of Exotica when he was rediscovered in the early 90ies, a comeback that led to a cameo appearance in Ed Wood. The recent documentary Korla reveals the incredibly strange story of the conman who died in 1998.

Full Moon Mix: Planète Sauvage

This mix reimagines the soundtrack of the animation movie La Planète Sauvage. Our approach to do so is not only auditive, but also visual. Taking the original score and its artwork as a starting point, we set out to find similarly enigmatic sounds hiding behind cover illustrations with a comparable otherworldly setting. The result of this process is oscillating between sci-fi suspense, cosmic jazz and tribal limbo.

1. Alain Goraguer – Dehominisation
La Planète Sauvage (Pathé, 1970)

2. Syrinx – Melina’s Torch
Syrinx (True North Records, 1970)

3. Patrick Vian – Oreknock
Bruits Et Temps Analogues (Egg, 1976)

4. Michael Stearns – Ancient Leaves
Ancient Leaves (Continuum Montage, 1977)

5. Craig Leon – One Hundred Steps
Visiting (Arbitor, 1982)

6. Jon Hassell – Cobra Moon
Earthquake Island (Tomato, 1976)

7. Francisco Semprun & Michel Christodoulides – Plaines
Metamorphoses (Unidisc, 1974)

8. Old Apparatus – Dourado
Harem (Sullen Tone, 2012)

9. Jorge Reyes – Comala
Comala (Producciones Exilio, 1986)

Planete Sauvage