Full Moon Mix: Woe Ye Demons Possessed

For this Halloweenish Full Moon Mix we are going to the dark side. These songs are possessed by demons. Prepare yourself for a descent into musical abyss and let the black magic fall upon you, as occult organs howl, satanic synthesizers sizzle and drummers go berserk. Even Lucifer himself contributes a song. Of course, just like Ataraxia, this is merely one of the many monikers of moog genius Mort Garson.


1. Goblin – Suspiria
Suspiria, EMI 1978

2. Bobby Beausoleil & The Freedom Orchestra – Lucifer Rising Pt. I
Lucifer Rising, Lethal Records 1980

3. A.T.R.O.X. – The Night’s Remains
The Night Remains, Trinciato Forte Records 1982

4. Ataraxia – Déjà Vu
The Unexplained, RCA 1975

5. Lucifer – Solomon’s Ring
Black Mass, Uni Records 1971

6. John Carpenter – Reel 9
The Fog (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Varèse Sarabande 1984

7. Moolah – The Hard Hit
Woe Ye Demons Possessed, Atman Music & Recordings 1974

8. Cannibal Movie – Mangiati Vivi!
Avorio, Avorio Disci 2012

9. Igor Wakhévitch – Grand Sabbat Luciférien (Régime Des Arches)
Hathor, Atlantic 1973

10. Demdike Stare – Forest Of Evil (Dawn)
Forest Of Evil, Modern Love 2010

Woe Ye Demons


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