Full Moon Mix: Méli-Mélo

When François left the Moon Lagoon he left behind all of his belongings for he wanted to travel light. In his little boat he set out to lead an ascetic life far behind the glimmering horizon. Rumour has it that he found an uninhabited island where he turned into some kind of Robinson Crusoe. We’re thankful François put his record collection into storage in these here headquarters. This méli-mélo of chansons francophones exhibits some of the treasures he left behind.


1. Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem – Le Brin D’Herbe / La Harpe Jaune
Vous Et Nous, Saravah 1977

2. Jeanne-Marie Sens – Meli Melo

Advertisement, Atlantic 1973

3. Yves Simon – Au Pays Des Merveilles De Juliette

Yves Simon, RCA 1973

4. Annkrist – Acier Beton

Tendre Est Ma Nuit…, Spalax 1978

5. Honeymoon Killers – Histoire A Suivre

Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel, Crammed Discs 1981

6. Jo Lemaire + Flouze – Je Suis Venue Te Dire Que Je M’En Vais

Pigmy World, Vertigo 1981

7. Telex – Victime De La Société

Looking For Saint Tropez, Vogue 1979

8. Catherine Ribeiro – Elles
Percuphonante, Ioana Melodies 1986

9. Marie-Ange Cousin – Douze Zombies
Beau Temps Sur Tous Les Territoires, Disques JAM 1980


New Moon Mix: Guitar Heroes

We’re a little late this time. The full moon’s long gone and already the new moon is on the rise. But here it is finally, Moon Lagoon’s monthly mix, featuring guitar heroes of the progressive kind. These artists are no axe swinging poseurs showcasing endless solos. No Steve Vai, no Ritchie Blackmoore, no Jimmy Page. Instead, this compilation pays tribute to guitarists with a feeling for time and space.


1. Jon Porras – Into Midnight
Black Mesa, Thrill Jockey 2012

2. FNS – Flaggermusvingers Vift I Dimmet
FNS, Miasmah 2010

3. Michel Moulinié – Le Ballet Des Mouches
Chrysalide, Crypto 1978

4. Jussi Lehtisalo – Aikoja Sitten
Rotta, Full Contact 2010

5. Günter Schickert – Gitarre Wahnsinn
Kinder der Wildnis, YHR Tapes 1983 (Vinyl Reissue Bureau B 2013)

6. Evan Caminiti – Leaving The Island
Dreamless Sleep, Thrill Jockey 2012

7. Grails – Ice Station Zebra
Black Tar Prophecies Vol 5, Kemado 2012

8. Fennesz – Rivers Of Sand
Venice, Touch 2004

9. Barn Owl – Ancestral Star
Ancestral Star, Thrill Jockey 2010


New Year Music


Mira Alfassa, known to her disciples as The Mother, was convinced that music is helping the consciousness to uplift itself towards the spiritual heights she was aspiring together with her guru Sri Aurobindo. The Mother regularly performed organ pieces in the Ashram Sri Aurobindo to greet the new year. She did so for the first time on January 1 in 1955 with the following improvisation:


Though The Mother didn’t release any records during her lifetime, her pioneering work is documentented on several recordings from the 50s and 60s. Her compositions bear titles like Aspirations Of The Body For The Divine and sound like a blueprint of the minimal music avantgarde. The website of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram provides several hours of recording material as free Download. The site also hosts the complete works of the Mother’s disciple Sunil, who continued to give New Year Music performances until 1998.