Full Moon Mix: A Capella

For this full moon mix we leave the instruments in their cases. You’re invited to explore a capella singing in various facettes.

We hear The Beach Boys harmoinising at the top of their game, Leadbelly humming a lonesome field holler, and a prisoner’s choir singing a rap like work song. Of course, some gospel tunes are included, among them a frantic recording from the Bahamas, which for a few awkward seconds anticipates Daft Punk’s Happy.

The earthy voices of the first half are contrasted by the ethereal vocal sounds of the second half, where we encounter Bulgarian and Russian choirs, pastoral music from the renaissance, overtone singing, and exponents of the vocal avantgarde.


1. The Beach Boys – Our Prayer
20/20 (Capitol, 1969)

2. Cyndee Peters – Wade In The Water
Black Is The Color (Opus 3, 1977)

3. Bruce Green, Tweedie Gibson & Clifton Green – I Am So Glad
The Real Bahamas (Nonesuch, 1966)

4. Negro Prisoners – Grizzly Bear
The Folk Box (Elektra, 1964)

5. Leadbelly – Field Holler
Midnight Special (Folkways Records, 1976)

6. The Pilgrim Travelers – Go Down Moses
Look Up! (Andex, 1957)

7. Fontaine Areski – Vous Et Nous
Vous Et Nous (Saravah, 1977)

8. June Tabor & Maddy Prior – Four Loom Weaver
Silly Sisters (Chrysalis, 1976)

9. State Folk Ensemble Trakiya – Aishinko Pilya Shereno
State Folk Ensemble Trakiya (Балкантон, 1983)

10. North Russian Folk Choir – Раскудрява яблоня
У Моря Белого (Мелодия 1987)

11. The Hilliard Ensemble – Incipit Lamentatio
The Lamentations Of Jeremia (ECM, 1987)

12. The Harmonic Choir – Multiplying Voices
Hearing Solar Winds (Orca, 1983)

13. Tamia – Stray Wind
Senza Tempo (T Records, 1981)

14. Holly Herndon – Unequal
Platform (4AD, 2015)

15. Claire Hamill – Sleep
Voices (Coda, 1986)

16. Flying Pickets – Blowing Away
Blue Money (Hey-U-Records, 1990)

Acapella Covers

Liturgy for the digital age

Love Streams

Tim Hecker has been working on his drones with piano, organ and guitar. For his 8th album the Canadian sound sculptor is going for the voice. Love Streams is painted in pastoral tones with data from a distant past, evoking that eerie feeling of decay typical for the master of ambient abstraction.