Full Moon Mix: Behind The Iron Curtain

The vinyl for this Full Moon Mix is provided exclusively by state-owned record companies of the former Eastern Bloc. Although music production was monopolized behind the Iron Curtain, there was room for experiments. This compilation brings together musical innovators from the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and the German Democratic Republic.


1. Alexander Rjabov Ja Ansambel Synthesys – Ootus
Dialoogid (Melodyia, 1983)

2. Jürgen Ecke – Irritation
Sound-Synthese: Electronics (Amiga, 1986)

3. Pond – Seidenstrasse
Auf der Seidenstrasse (Amiga, 1986)

4. János Másik & Tibor Szemző – Piac
Metro O.S.T. (Budapest Film, 1989)

5. Jiří Stivín & Pierre Favre – Starý Pramen
Výlety (Supraphon, 1981)

6. Mikhail Chekalin – Origin Of Species
Post‧Pop Non‧Pop (Melodyia, 1989, rec. 1984)

7. László Hortobágyi – Harmologix / Vocablá / Ite Pravonix Est… / Nono-Bol 89′
Op. Transreplica Meccano (Hungaropop, 1989)

8. Bayon – Overtüre aus “Die Schlacht” / “Der Traktor”
Bayon (Amiga, 1980)

9. Reinhard Lakomy – Das unendliche Rätsel
Das geheime Leben – Electronics (Amiga, 1981)


Lost in Vactrol Park

Watch out when taking a walk in Vactrol Park. You get lost easily and you won’t find anyone around to tell you the directions. In the park’s dark alleys everything looks the same, but nothing seems familiar. It’s a labyrinth of identical paths lined with endless rows of ominous plants and huge black trees.

In the center of Vactrol Park stands a futuristic temple. It was built by a cult whose members commited mass suicide in 1999. A few years later a techno tribe held gatherings in the abandoned building. In those days the way to the temple was signaled by neon lights, but those guiding lights are no longer there.

If you nevertheless manage to reach the center of the maze and enter the temple of Vactrol Park, you’ll find yourself on an empty dancefloor that once was a prayer hall. The gigantic speakers on each side of the altar still give evidence of the loudness that once filled this room. Now all you hear is silence.

But suddenly, there is a sound of swelling pulses. The spell of repetition falls upon you. A ghostly rave begins.

Vactrol Park’s first two EPs I (2015) and II (2016) are out on ESP Institue