Full Moon Mix: On The Edge Of Sound

With this full moon mix we are heading for the edge of sound. Neither distinct notes nor definite rhythms are to be heard. Instead, we indulge ourselves in static noise. By blending records from 1984 to present this continuous soundscape investigates the possibilities of ambient abstraction. Most people wouldn’t call this music, but in the end – alas! – there’s a little melody.


1. Nocturnal Emissions – Acres Of Gold
Spiritflesh, Earthly Delights, 1988

2. Tim Hecker – The Piano Drop
Ravedeath 1972, Kranky, 2011

3. Leyland Kirby Presents V/Vm – Monroes Stockport
The Death Of Rave (A Partial Flashback), History Always Favours The Winners, 2014

4. Rafael Anton Irisarri – Reprisal
A Fragile Geography, Room 40, 2015

5. Simon Scott – Spring Stars
Navigare, Miasmah, 2009

6. Maeror Tri – Part V
Hypnotikum I, Soleilmoon Recordings, 1998

7. Dimitris Petsetakis – Black Rain
Missing Links, Utopia, 1991

8 . Trans-Millenia Consort – Spacial Spectre
Spectre, Trans-Millenia Consort Recordings, 1984

9. Ketev – Levels Of Chaos
Traces Of Weakness, Where To Now?, 2016

On The Edge Of Sound Covers


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