Full Moon Mix: Robots Are Coming

As science fiction slowly turns into reality, we’re more and more surrounded by intelligent machines. A few decades ago robots were still mainly a pop-cultural fantasy, which was prominently introduced into music by Kraftwerk. The release of The Man Machine entailed dozens of songs dealing with artificial intelligence.

This mix demonstrates how robots we’re taking over pop music in the early 80s. The topics addressed by the vocoder voices featured in these songs seem strangely contemporary. We hear androids say ‘Gimme your job!’, encounter a nurse robot caring for a baby, get introduced to a computer who likes bananas and witness party machines taking over the discotheque.


1. The Android Sisters – Robots Are Coming
Songs Of Electronic Despair, Vanguard, 1984

2. Mythos – Nurse Robot
Quasar, Sky Records, 1980

3. Der Plan – Ich Bin Ein Komputer
Normalette Surprise, Ata Tak, 1981

4. Patrick Cowley – Mutant Man
Mind Warp, Metronome, 1980

5. Kraftwerk – The Robots vs. Die Roboter (Bilingual Edit)
Die Mensch-Maschine / The Man Machine, EMI Electrola / Capitol, 1978

6. Bruce Haack – Party Machine
The Electric Voice, Stones Throw, 2010 (recorded 1983)

7. Trans Volta – Disco Computer
Disco Computer, Vogue, 1979

8. Laurie Anderson – O Superman (For Massenet)
Big Science, Warner, 1981

9. Klaus Schulze – Death Of An Analogue
Dig it, Brain, 1980