Halloween Mix: O.S.T. For An Imaginary Horror Movie

A little late for the full moon of October but just in time for Halloween our monthly mix is finally ready. It’s a soundtrack for an imaginary horror movie that has been recomposed out of a variety of movie scores, a few library records and a rock opera. The movie we have in our minds isn’t a splatter movie, but rather a spooky thriller that slowly builds tension, as if directed by a scholar of John Carpenter.

We imagine the following scene: On Halloween a small town is haunted by strange incidents. Mirrors are breaking and devices are crashing. Rumours about a dreadful slasher foster the suspense that lies in the air. Fog looms heavily over the cars that are parked amidst fallen leaves. We visit a smoky barroom and an eerie dungeon. On a creepy graveyard occult seances are held. We see love and hate collide. Good fights evil and we’re not sure who wins, but the ending seems rather sad.


1. Thomas Fehlmann – Prolog
Der Kuss des Tigers, WEA, 1988

2. John Carpenter – Main Title
Halloween, Celine Records, 1983

3. Irmin Schmidt – Der Tote bin ich (Solo)
Filmmusik, Spoon Records, 1980

4. Bernard Fevre – Skeeze
Suspense, Musax, 1975

5. Vangelis – Chromatique
Opera Sauvage, Polydor, 1979

6. Hero Wouters – Voorstudie Fiction
Fiction, Herophone, 1981

7. Arsen Gedik & Christian Bonneau – Drama
Dreams And Nightmares, Musical Touch Sound, 1982

8. Eddy Orini – Wind Palace
Geniusland Is Geniuslight, TCB Records, 1985

9. James Horner – The Scriptorium
Der Name der Rose, Teldec, 1986

10. Luis Bacalov – Voci Nella Città Delle Donne
La Citta’ Delle Donne, CAM, 1980

11. Laurie Anderson – Angel Fragments
Wings Of Desire, Mute, 1981

12. Michael Shrieve & Patrick Gleeson – Denise
Bedroom Window, Varèse Sarabande, 1986

13. Tangerine Dream – Dr. Destructo
The Tief, Virgin, 1981

14. François De Roubaix – Plongée De Glace
L’Antarctique, WéMè Records, 2009 (recorded ca. 1973)

15. George Dunning – Wail For A Village
The Devil At 4 O’Clock, Colpix, 1962

16. Eleni Karaindrou – Song
Music For Films, ECM, 1991