Full Moon Mix: Pianissimo

Contemplation on white keys and black keys. Melodies trickling, harmonies shimmering. Hymns and nocturnes intertwined. Old masters and new age gurus play the pianoforte pianissimo. Approaching silence to reach infinity.


1. Hans-Ulrich Hausheer – Douala
Piano Improvisation, Sack-Records 1981

2. Roedelius – Balsam
Jardin Au Fou, Egg 1979

3. Chris Abrahams – Scale Upon The Land
Fluid To The Influence, Room40 2016

4. Steve Kuhn – Trance
Trance, ECM 1975

5. Theleonious Monk – Crepuscule With Nellie
Blue Sphere, Black Lion 1980

6. Deaf Center – Fiction Dawn
Owl Splinters, Type 2011

7. Jean-Philippe Collard – Nocturne n° 1
Gabriel Fauré – Nocturnes, La Voix De Son Maître 1974

8. Keith Jarrett – Reading Of The Sacred Books
G.I. Gurdjieff – Sacred Hymns, ECM 1980

9. Tom Ehrlich – Whirling III
Sunstar, Trikont 1983

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