Full Moon Mix: Shades Of Grey

No colours allowed this time, neither on the covers nor in the music. Grainy beats under grey skies. Rainy hisses over gloomy basslines. Post-techno that might serve as a soundtrack to a vampire take on 50 Shades Of Grey.


1. Dalhous – Response To Stimuli
The Composite Moods Collection Volume One, Blackest Ever Black 2016

2. Demdike Stare – Caged In Stammheim
Liberation Through Hearing, Modern Love 2010

3. Benedikt Frey – Private Crimes
Artificial, ESP Institute 2017

4. Birds Of Prey – Hollow Object
Birds Of Prey, Kathexis 2015

5. Ketev – Linger
Traces Of Weakness, Where To Now? 2016

6. Alex Smoke – Dust
Love Over Will, R&S Records 2016

7. Loscil – Drained Lake
Monument Builders, Kranky 2016

8. Morphosis – Music For Vampyr: Shadows
Dismantle / Music For Vampyr, Honest Jon’s Records 2013

9. Karen Gwyer – Missisissipippi
New Roof, No Pain In Pop 2014

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